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If you meet with any question about product delivery, product key, program registration, backup or update and more, please read FAQs on this page and important tips on "Product key" page carefully to figure out whether there are relevant answers you need. If you still have relevant question or problem, please email us.
    What is the difference between trial version and full version?
  • The only difference is that the trial version only allows you to burn maximum 36 photos into each CD or DVD disc, while the full version has no such limit. After you purchase our product, you will be provided registration name and code which is used to unlock the limit of free trial version.
    How many photos can be added in the full version?
  • There is no limit of the number of photos or mp3 files for each slideshow. Normally, One 4.7G DVD+-R/W disc can hold more than 1000 photos with background music. One CD-R disc can hold more than 300 photos. The number of photos to be added depends on duration of each slide.
    Can I add more than one piece of background music to my slide show?
  • Yes, you can. Just go on to click "Add" button in "Transition & Music" panel under "Organize Photos" tab to add your songs.
    Why does the tone quality of my background music is not very good when playing my slide show?
  • You'd better to add the WAV or WMA format audio to DVD photo slide show.
    Can I set my own photo to be the background image of the menu?
  • Yes, you can. Just click "Add" button in "Background Images" panel under "Choose Menu" tab.
    I do not want to use a DVD menu. Can I remove it?
  • Yes, you can create a slide show without a menu there. In the "Choose Menu" panel, just click "Menu Navigator" button, and uncheck the "Use DVD Menu" box.
    How can I change the text on DVD menu title?
  • You need to check the menu title on the menu, and enter what you want in the "Text" box.
    Where can I get more templates?
  • DVD photo slide show offers you more wonderful templates. You just need to click "Get More Templates" at the right bottom of your "Choose Menu" panel.
    This will take you to a download link. Please download and install the templates packs, and the templates will be automatically imported to your DVD photo slideshow program.
    Can I create a video and upload it to YouTube?
  • Yes, you can. Just set the output format to be "YouTube uploadable Movie" in "Burn Disc" panel.
    How long should the "burning" process take? My projects are taking 4 to 5 hours to complete. Is this normal?
  • The burning process has something to do with your Slideshow duration under "Album settings" menu on the top right of "Transition & Music" panel. It almost takes two times longer than the Slideshow duration. Besides, your computer configuration is also a factor.
    Is there any way to speed up the process? What determines the speed of burning?
  • Yes, you can switch to another burning mode: High quality, faster encode speed. This will speed up your process.
    How can I change the Album Thumbnail photo in the "Choose Menu" tab?
  • You can change the thumbnail like this: in the "album photo" panel, just drag the picture that you want to change to be the thumbnail photo onto your album.
    What is the DVD padding mode? It is never enabled--should it be?
  • The DVD padding mode is especially for the old version DVD player. Because if the file size in a DVD disc does not reach 1G when you play it in an old DVD player, it cannot play it successfully. By checking the "enable DVD padding mode", the program will automatically make some padding to make the file reach 1G then you can play it successfully.
    How can I copy the project I have finished to another computer?
  • If you want to copy the project to another computer, please copy all photos and project file to the computer with the same folder name. The slideshow project only saves the photo directory not the photo itself. You also need to install DVD Photo Slideshow on the computer.
    When I open a program that I finished and saved before, all I can see are blank photos with a sunflower in the center, how I can retrieve them?
  • The program does not save photo files and it only saves the photo file location. If after you save the project, you change the file directory or file name of photos you used, there will be a missing files list.
    You can restore this by moving the folder of images back or opening saved project with code editor, such as Notepad and then replace the directory of all photos with the correct path.
    How can I make an order without credit card?
  • To place an order by mail, fax, wire, and PO (when applicable) please use the online form by clicking the following URL: and then choose one of these payment options found in the Payment Method section of the form. Once submitted online, you will find the appropriate information on how to send your payment to our payment service provider.
    If you place your order successfully, please send us your order information, we will send you registration information as soon as possible.
    When I open DVD photo slide show program, the program window is too large that I cannot view all of it in my computer screen.
  • Please go the "Control Panel" of your computer and then double-click "Display" and then please click Desktop make sure the themes of your monitor is chosen as "Windows XP" if your operating system is WinXP and then please come to "Appearance " tab and set the font size as "Normal" and finally, please come to "Settings" tab and click "Advanced" button to set DPI as 96 DPI.
    Please also adjust the resolution of your monitor. 1024 by 768 or above is recommended.
    How long will take for the shipment after I order it?
  • The delivery of DVD Photo Slideshow Professional is via download. You can download and install the latest Professional version by clicking any time. You will receive the registration name and code immediately after you finish ordering procedures. (* If you do not receive your code after several hours, please check your spam filtering in case that our registration email gets marked as spam and sorted into a "junk" folder or deleted. You may also send an email to with the detail of your order information especially your order ID, the full name and email address that you have used to buy the program and the time of the order to request that your code be resent to another email account owned by you. ) You can use registration name and code which you received to unlock trial limitation and get full version.
    If you do not receive your registration code on time, you can get the key by yourself from the below link:
    Is the upgrade version free of charge or need I to pay it again?
  • It is free to upgrade the program. Below is the procedure:
    1.Uninstall the old version first;
    2.Download the latest version from
    3.Install the program and register it with the registration name and code you have got to get full version.
    DVD photo slide show program crashes as soon as I open it. Why?
  • You need to install Adobe flash player v9.0 (or above) for IE browser in your computer.
    Can I run DVD photo slideshow program in MAC?
  • Sorry, our DVD photo slideshow program is not compatible with MAC.
    I cannot add an audio file successfully to DVD photo slideshow program. Why?
  • Please confirm whether your computer sound card is installed correctly. You can test it with Windows Media Player. If your songs cannot play normally in Windows Media Player, your sound card is not installed correctly.
    I have so many photos to be added to DVD photo slideshow. I want to put them into right order, but how?
  • In "Album Photo" panel, please right click your mouse and check "details" in the drop-down menu, then you can order your photos by "Name"/"Size"/"Photo/File Date"/"Dimensions"/"Path", and right click your mouse again to check "Rearrange to Current Viewing Slide Order".
    How can I split a Photo Album to many photo albums?
  • 1. Click "New Album" button, enter album name and create a new photo album;
    2. Click the first album icon from album listbox on bottom left of desktop to switch album photo to the first.
    3. Select some photos with mouse from album photo view on bottom right of desktop;
    4. Press these photos' icon to drag and drop to new album of creating just by mouse;
    5. Repeat step 1 to step 4 to split another album.
    26. When I click "Burn Now!", there pop up a dialog "Error Message" with information "There are no photos in some slideshow or some photo files are missing. Please fix these errors before continuing."
  • First, please check if there are blank photos with a sunflower in their center. If so, please delete these photos. Second, please check if there exist blank albums, if so, please delete them. Then, please burn your slide show again.
    I cannot launch the program after installing it. Or an error occurs and the program closed automatically when using it.
  • We have tested the program strictly and it is compatible with Windows series: 2000/NT/XP/Vista. It is probably because of your system or other applications installed. Please uninstall our program first. Then, scan your computer for viruses and repair the system bug by system repair tools and also updating the system. After that, restart your pc and install the program again. Besides, you can also install the program in another pc to test whether it launches OK or not to judge whether it is because of your system.
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