Support-DV to DVD Converter

If you meet with any question about product delivery, product key, program registration, backup or update and more, please read FAQs on this page and important tips on "Product key" page carefully to figure out whether there are relevant answers you need. If you still have relevant question or problem, please email us.
    Q: What's the difference between the trial and the full version?
  • A: The only difference between the trail version and the full version is that there will be watermark of our program in your created movie. After you order the full version, this will be removed.
    Q:Is the Online Order Secure?
  • A: Yes. The online ordering is 100% secure! All data exchanged during the payment process is SSL-secured. Our servers support SSL Version 3 and 168-bit Triple DES encryption, and the RSA module and SSL sessions feature 1024-bit encryption. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to security.
    Q: When Can I Get the Registration Code after Taking Online Ordering?
  • A: You can get the registration code instantly after successfully online ordering, the code will be also sent to your e-mail box within 1 minute to 24 hours after your online order. In the email which contains your registration name and code after you purchase our software, you will be provided a URL to download the full version. Please remember to click the link to download the full version. You need to install the full version which will automatically overwrite the trial one. In the full version, there will be a dialog from menu "Help->Register..." where you can input the registration name and code.
    Important tips about product delivery, product key, registration, program backup and update and more. If you meet with any question about product delivery, product key, register, backup or update the program, please go to "Product key" page and read the Important Tips carefully to figure out whether there are relevant answers you need. If you still have relevant question or problem, please email us.
    Q: What is 1394 digital link standard ('FireWire')?
  • A: The 1394 digital link standard was conceived in 1986 by technologists at Apple Computer, who chose the trademark 'FireWire', in reference to its speeds of operation. FireWire, the ultra-fast computer interface has become the official IEEE 1394 industry standard. Boasting incredible transfer speeds of up to 400Mbps, FireWire enables simple, low-cost, high-bandwidth isochronous (real-time) data interfacing between computers, peripherals, and consumer electronics products such as camcorders, VCRs, printers, PCs, TVs, and digital cameras. With IEEE 1394-compatible products and systems, users can transfer video or still images from a camera or camcorder to a printer, PC, or television, with no image degradation. Applications that benefit from IEEE 1394 include nonlinear (digital) video presentation and editing, desktop and commercial publishing, document imaging, home multimedia, and personal computing. The low overhead, high data rates of 1394, the ability to mix real-time and asynchronous data on a single connection, and the ability to mix low speed and high speed devices on the same network provides a truly universal connection for almost any consumer, computer, or peripheral application.
    Q: How can make multi-movies in a same project?
  • A: Click Add DVD Menu Item button in the main window after you have add some videos to the project. Then another new item will be created and you can add some other video clips to this item. In the preview window, once you add a new item, a thumbnail named album * (* is number) is created. Click the thumbnail, you will come to this album and can view all the added video clips in this album.
    Q: Why the program hangs up during the burning procedures?
  • A: 1. Please make sure the ASPI driver is correctly setup. You may refer to to help you install the ASPI driver.
    2. If your problem persists, please take another brand name of DVD-R or DVD-RW disc to have a try. Please select the output disc format as the SVCD or VCD 2.0 Still Picture if you want to burn normal CD-R or CD-RW disc.
    3. You may also try to create an image file with our software and then burn the image file with other DVD burning software such as Nero Burning Room to have a try. For example, after you create the image file on the Burn CD window, you may burn this image file (.iso) using Nero Burning Room as the following steps.
    -- In the main window of Nero Burning Room, click File->Burn Image. There will be a popup window where you can select the .iso image file created by DV to DVD Converter.
    -- Select "Burn" and follow the steps to burn the DVD disc.
    Q: Why my VCD or DVD Player does not recognize the burned CD or DVD disc?
  • A: The reason why some burned CD or DVD discs cannot be played on your DVD/VCD player is due to the "Read" ability of your DVD/VCD player. Please make sure your DVD/VCD player supports VCD 2.0 format, SVCD format. Even so, according to our test, some models of DVD/VCD player (normally, old models) do not support some particular brand names of burned CD-R/RW or DVD-R/RW disc (worse for DVD+R/RW disc). If this is your case, please use another brand name of blank CD-R or DVD-R disc with the lowest write speed to have a try.
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